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zaterdag 1 september 2012

Roquefort, chicory and Italian ham quiche

Quiche wasn't my first love. It took many, many years for me to like the taste of eggs, (bacon) and cheese in combination with the pastry. I don't know why this was. I think it might be because of a bad memory to this combination of tastes which I kept on recalling whenever the aroma came to me, or just an unhappy coincidence. 

Anyway, I recovered from this strange ailment and started really liking all sorts of quiches ... on a few conditions. I have to say I'm still a little picky: I dislike puff pastry, so any quiche made with it doesn't get my full consent, and no bacon for me (I substitute it with all sorts of ham: Serrano, Ganda, cooked, ...).
The thing is that a quiche, to be good for me, should contain at least some vegetables too. I'm totally hooked to greens, from fruits through all sorts of vegetables. A day without them isn't a good one!

This one I'm making combines the sharp and salty taste of the cheese and ham with the bitter chicory and the mild cheese and eggs. And the rest of my veggies come alongside it to make it all the better ^^

Ingredients for 3-4:
- 1 roll of pastry (pick any kind you like, it's up to you whether it's more puffy or crumbly in texture)
- 3 chicories
- 100 grams roquefort
- 3 eggs
- 150 ml milk
- 100 grams Italian ham
- black pepper to taste
- handful of cut up chives
- extra cheese if you want

How to:
Steam or fry the chicory until ready. Make sure it's as dry as possible. When baking, the fluid in the chicory will come out and make the whole quiche wet so that it won't set. If needed, squeeze the excess liquid out.
Unroll the pastry (or make you own pastry) and put it in a with non-stick paper lined round baking tin. Make little holes in the pastry with a fork.
Slice the chicory and the ham, break the roquefort into small pieces and scatter all of these onto the pastry. 

Beat 2 eggs and the white of the third a little, pour in the milk and mix. Grind some black pepper into this mixture and mix in the chives. Don't add any salt because the cheese and the ham are more than salty enough.
Pour the milk-egg mixture onto the rest of the ingredients of the quiche.
If you like extra cheese, you can top this quiche with gruyère, emmental or another cheese you like.
Brush the pastry with the egg yolk that remained. 
Bake in a preheated oven of 180°C until the substance has set and gotten a golden brown colour. Also put on the heat on the underside of the oven so that the pastry gets baked.

I serve this with a salad which I've pimped with some fried bacon (for mum and dad) and some apple (for me).

Ingredients for the potato-bacon salad (for 2-3):
- 100 grams salty bacon pieces
- 6 small potatoes
- black pepper
- some rosemary
- tablespoon of raisins
- lettuce
- cucumber, tomato, ... or any vegetable you like
- 2 eggs
- handful of pinenuts
- neutral oil for frying

How to:
Soak the raisins in a little water.
Heat a skillet with a little bit of oil. Put in the bitezsize-cut potatoes, the bacon pieces, ground black pepper to taste and the rosemary. 
Fry gently on medium heat so that the potatoes are ready in the end but the bacon hasn't blackened. 
Brown the pine nuts by putting them on a fire shortly while stirring continuously. They start giving off a fantastic aroma once they've browned enough. 
Boil the eggs 10 minutes and peel the shell off. Cut them in quarters.
Cut the vegetables and dress them onto the plates.
Drain the raisins, scatter them over the vegetables. Put the potato-bacon mix and the pine nuts onto the salad and serve the boiled egg alongside it.

Nothing remained of both the quiche and the salad!

Bon appétit!

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