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zaterdag 26 mei 2012

Summer is in town!

Finally! After a very long time - a dreadful Summer in 2011 which couldn't be distinguished from Autumn, a long Winter and a wet, wet Spring - we finally made it into Summer.

This week temperatures rose up to 30°C, and it made me really happy. I think I'm not made for cold Winter days. I'm always shuddering, having cold hands and feet and drinking hot chocolate to warm myself. 

But I wasn't careful: I took my book (Emma by Jane Austen - a very good book by the way!) and sat myself in our garden. Of course I wasn't covered with sunscreen and happily read on and on. Result of it all is a lobster-look, red and fiery. In my yellow top I look really flashy. Now, I know it's not good so today I'm wiser and I've done my duty of having sunscreen and some more clothes on.

Anyway, apart from the annoying stingy feeling of a sunburn, Summer is just great.

Yesterday I went to dine out in Antwerp. I had a coupon of Flair magazine, with which I and a friend could dine out for a little amount of money. We had a wonderful time there. We sat by the Schelde and watching the sunset by the water.


Tonight we're at a barbecue of my parents' friends. I just love those nights on which every guest brings some part of the food or drinks to the place of venue. We're bringing some salads and the drinks. 
I decided to make a cold pasta pesto with pine nuts and tomato-mozzarella. 

Ingredients for tomato-mozzarella:
- 200 grams mozzarella
- good quality olive oil (I used basil scented olive oil)
- 3 large tomatoes
- oregano and basil to taste
- fresh leaves of basil/mint

How to:
Slice the mozzarella in fine, 1/4 cm slices. Cover them with some olive oil and the herbs. Let stand for a while so that the cheese can take up all the flavours. Slice the tomatoes in equally thin slices. Arrange the tomatoes and the cheese so that they alternate. Drizzle some more olive oil over it all and grind a little pepper or salt if you like. Decorate it with some nice fresh leaves of basil or mint.

What could you wish for more?

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