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maandag 25 juni 2012

Chicken stir fry (or was it quorn stir fry?)

After a very busy week during which we had to go dine out - no complaints at all about that part! :p - we finally have a home cooked meal again.

Today we have our weekly veggie day, a tricky one this time because I mean to trick my dad by telling him it's chicken stir fry instead of quorn stir fry.
He dislikes the meat replacements like quorn and tofu. He rather eats eggs if he really has to have something vegetarian. To avoid nasty glances, I hope he'll believe me. Upside is that chicken is not very distinct in taste, and the oyster sauce tends to be the dominant taste. We'll see ...

This recipe was originally with scampi and rice, but this is my variation.

Ingredients for 4:
- 2 cloves of garlic
- 350 grams quorn cubes (mine were specially for stir frying, but others would be fine as well)
- 500 grams of vegetables such as sugar snaps, broccoli, carrots, ... (or a mixture of them)
- 300 grams egg noodles
- 75 ml oyster sauce 
- oil for frying 
- pepper and salt to taste
- chilli flakes if you like more spice
- fresh chive for serving

How to:
Clean the vegetables and cut them in bite-size pieces. Blanch them in boiling water for a few minutes or until they are done but still crisp.
Prepare the noodles as mentioned on the package. You will usually have to soak them in a hot liquid like water or stock for a while.
Heat a skillet on high heat. Pour some oil in for frying.
Add the garlic, which you've cut in very small pieces, to the hot skillet. Add the quorn cubes as well. Let them brown for a bit. 
Throw the vegetables in and stir the ingredients around quickly. Pour the oyster sauce onto them and stir again. 
The noodles can be added now. They cannot be stirred for long as they will get too soft when heated too long.

Have a nice meal!

P.S.: my dad wasn't fooled. We kept on insisting it was chicken, but he merely said 'very strange chicken, this is!' Haha. Anyway, he kind of liked it.

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