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woensdag 1 augustus 2012

Fish on the BBQ

Barbecue today, according to me just the way a hot Summer's day should end. 

My parents are meat lovers, so they had a good steak and pork ribs. I looked in the freezer for some inspiration and found fish fillets. Now the problem was what to do with them. Plain is nice, but then you don't have BBQ every night, right?

In our house there are always oranges around. For my glass of fresh orange juice, my daily morning shot of vitamin C to start off ;) That was ingredient one. 
Second were fennel seeds. As I' was the only fish eater today, I didn't have to care about the others that don't like the taste of them.
A little olive oil, salt and red pepper finished my marinade.

Ingredients for 1:
- 1 white fish fillet
- juice of 1/4 orange
- red pepper to taste
- salt to taste
- dash of fennel seeds
- 1 tablespoon olive oil

How to:
Take a piece of tin foil large enough to wrap the fish later on.
Put the fillet on it and cover it with all the other ingredients.
Close the foil to make a package, fish en papillote. A quarter of an hour on the roster and ready to serve. 

Why make something difficult when you can do it easy? At least you have the rest of the time off to relax. Never waste a good Summer's day!

The fish and the marinade is very light. So it's a good recipe for people that don't feel like dining heavily. Of course that depends also on the side dishes ... ;)

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